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The Day !
Sunday, December 25, 201111:34 pm

The day 4 us 26-12-2009 . Heiry Hazuar & Missya Zulkafly . It's been 2 years we be partner . and in this 2 years , its been so so so so WONDERFUL ! you make my life more brighter >.< . even though we use to fight , too complicated , mad or loss connection sometimes but for me its normal things to be in 'relationship' . kalu d'pikirkan balik , bende-bende macam nie la an yang buat hubungan nie lebey bermakna . klu smue 2 xde , mesty macam sunyi je an an an . i know its hard to love me and be patience with things that we been through . the "merengek" and the "permintaan" . and you know what , its awesome to be experience with all this things . even its not you who teach me how to love and how to miss but you're the one that i feel comfortable the most . i didn't have to pretend be anyone else . yeaahh :p . i wish to tell you everthing here , but it too privacy an . let's it be face 2 face la ek !

p/s : hepy anniversary sayunk ! i'm so grateful to be with you . I love you so so so so mucchhh !!! more than ever. smoga perhubungan kite nie still kekal sengal k . muaaxxxhhhhxxx.