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" What if ? "
Wednesday, January 18, 20125:10 pm

The word  " WHAT IF " ? 

Pernah tak kowang terfikir dengan ayat WHAT IF ? ? ?  seriously , i really hate with the word lately . in this 2 , 3 weeks , it alwayz stuck in my mind . what if we never meet , what if we never broke-up , what if you never cheat , what if i never give you a chance , and bla bla bla . what it's mean actually ? it's really give me hard time and i never could answer it .

The real is , you are just one of my sweet memory that i never and never erase . honestly , it's hard to throw away you out of my life . you know why ? you are the one who give me the idea what is real love . and you are the only person that i trust the most . if not , why i keep give you a chance to make it again before ? have you think about it ? i really don't have any idea what happen to us back 2 , 3 years ago . it happen too fast until i never can figure it out why . then after that night , we never have change to meet personally .  

And now , its really make me sad because i'm losing you as my friend . i'm saying this not to get your sympathy or blablabla . i believe that both of us have move on with our life . so , tak gune juga kan nak bermusuh or buat tak kenal nie an . tipu la kalu cakap xpenah benci . tapi bende tuu da lepas an an . chill sudah la . 

so , now i want to say something that i never have chance before . here we go . hahaha . to MR.S (bukan name sebenar) firstly i want to apologize for making you sad , mad , or whatever it's before . secondly thankz a lot and a lottt for making me happy before and teach me what is love , feel of being in love , how to miss and so so la an . thirdly until now i still consider you as my friend and hoping it's real  >.< . and last but not least thankz thankz thankz thankz a lootttt k .

                                                                                                                                                         xoxo ,