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My Online Diary ?
It's Missya
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Simple Thing !
Tuesday, February 07, 20125:22 pm


 Smiling in the faces of those hurt me .

 Singing in the shower and felling like i should be famous by now >.< wink wink

 Went everyone texts me first .

 Uncontrollable laugh . haha .

 Those late night talks i have with " my little pumpkin " where everything just comes out naturally . 

 Those fiery red sunset . i want to go out with a bang like that , too !

 Amazing books .

 Those smiles that my friend gives when they are crossing the classroom :p

 Dancing in the RAIN

 The smell of coffee on the rainy morning . 

 The days when all my friends are in the good mood , and we don't care what anyone things of us because we're having fun ! yaahhhoo..

 The warm feeling i get when he says " I LOVE YOU " .

 Cute old couples that i know that have been together forever . 

* p/s :  perkataan " my little pumpkin " tuu boleh click tauuu . try la usha usha . hehe .

                                                                                                                                  xoxo ,