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It's Missya
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Thankz BABA & MAMA
Monday, February 27, 20126:07 pm

24 FEBRUARY 2012 !  it's my DAY  >.<  rasenya nak nyanyi kejap la ...  Hapy besday to me ... Hapy besday to me ... hepy besday to missya ... hapy besday to me ..  yeehh ! i would like to dedicated this day to my BABA & MAMA because without them siapa lah kite niee and dear GOD , thankz a lot because give a chance to explore this world with all this kind of feeling . bersyukur sangat sangat  :')

BABA & MAMA !  i really appreciated for what you have done for me for all this 21 years >.<  you are my everything and no matter what no one can able to replace you . you are the best mom dad in this world .  i promise that i will give the EXTRAVAGANZA happy and will love you till the end okey  :)  

                                                                                                                                                        xoxo ,