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sorryyyyy baby :'(
Tuesday, March 27, 201210:58 pm

Dear baby , i'm so sorry for not be able to help you . it is not because i don't want to but i just don't know what to do :(((  i know you have a lot of problem that should be settle on , but you also should jage kesihatan tuu elok elok. jangan la sampai tak makan pulak yunk ! like you just say before  " masalah tuu akan sentiasa ada , just tinggal nak hadap je la " . so, b jangan la pikirkan sangat . but what i can promise is , you won't have to face it alone .yes ,  there will be always me at your side . okey tak b ?  i will always make time for you and yet be the one that you can believe and shoutout everything ! saya sentiase disisi awak even it is worst condition ever ! and yes , this is me who fulfill the promise ^.^ 

                                                                                                                                your   ,