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So grateful !
Wednesday, May 23, 20123:02 pm

Dear Mr. H ,

this one for you . so , read it until last word okey >.<  here we go . firstly, bb nak ucap thankz sangat sangat because still lagi love me like before or even more . you're so mean everything to me . you're my heart , my soul , my pumpkin , my friend , my hubby , my buchuk , my apek , and my sengal . even b tak seromantik macm guyz kat luar sne . but i feel so grateful having you as part of my life . you're the one who understand me better than myself . even is not you the one who teach me how to fall in love , but you teach me more than that . you never let me fall in my dream or even things that i have been wondering before . thanz a lot b !! i really mean it . and yes , will always love you :-*  muuaaxxxxhhh muuuuaaaaxxxhhhh !!

                                                                                                                                    your  ,