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My Online Diary ?
It's Missya
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Thursday, June 07, 20122:55 pm

The moment you're in TENSION ,
You will lose your ATTENTION ,
Then you're in total CONFUSION ,
And you will feel IRRITATION ,
Then you will spoil personal RELATION ,
Ultimately you wont get CO-OPERATION ,
Then things will be full of COMPLICATION
Then your blood pressure may raise  CAUTION
And you may have to take MEDICATION ,
Instead understand the SITUATION ,
And try to think about the SOLUTION ,
Many problems will be solved by DISCUSSION
This will work out better in your PROFESSION ,
Don't think it's my free SUGGESTION ,
It's only for your PREVENTION
If you understand my INTENTION ,
You will never come again to TENSION

                       SOURCES :  FBF        

                                                                                                                                                         xoxo ,